How Can an Attorney Help with Washington Traffic Charges?

Is it worth hiring an attorney for a Washington traffic charge?

Before you assume that hiring an attorney is not worth doing for a traffic charge, consider:  

Traffic Fines

Each traffic infraction comes with a fine amount that you will have to pay, if convicted.  An attorney may be able to challenge the ticket to get it dismissed entirely or negotiate a plea to a lesser infraction with a smaller fine.

Paying More for Insurance

Moving violations on your driving record are used by insurance companies to raise you car insurance rates.  Such increases can be hefty and last for years, depending on the insurance company and your driving history.  Hiring an attorney to fight your ticket is a one-time cost that can pay off in the long run by avoiding increased insurance costs for years to come.

Loss of License

If you get too many moving violations on your record within a certain time frame, it can lead to a license suspension.  With even higher numbers of convictions or more serious convictions, you may be at risk of being considered a Habitual Traffic Offender, which will revoke your license for four years or more.   If you are reading this, you already appreciate the value of your license and the importance of making sure you keep it.

Will I have to go to court myself for a Washington traffic ticket?

For many traffic infractions, an attorney can make court appearances for you.  You won't have to miss work or school to sit around in a courtroom for half a day or longer. I have appeared for clients many, many times and resolved their cases without them needing to take any time off.

Can I keep a traffic charge off of my record in Washington?

With an experienced Washington traffic attorney, you have the best chance of avoiding traffic charges going on your driving record.  There may be legal or factual arguments that could successfully fight the infraction.  It may take negotiation with a prosecutor or conducting a hearing in court, but fighting is possible.  I am happy to discuss your traffic infractions with you by phone or in person and answer your questions.  I never charge for a consultation.  Call me now to learn how I can help with traffic tickets in Pierce County or anywhere else in Washington.

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